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Pre-Order your Holiday Hams today from Ronnie’s Country Store Pop-Up!
We are keeping the tradition going at Roar!
These local hams are coming straight from the Frank C. Corriher family to you!
$7.99 per lbs | Whole or 1/2 Ham 


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This dry-cured and aged ham captures the classic Country Ham flavor. Hand-rubbed with salt, brown sugar, and cane sugar, then aged to perfection. It’s also pre-sliced to serve easily!


  • Sharp Aged Flavor

  • Hickory Smoked

  • Dry Cured

  • Boneless / Skinless

  • Pre Sliced


There is a $30 deposit required when pre-ordering your Country Ham. You may select a Whole Ham “Range from 10lbs – 12lbs” or a ½ a Ham “Range from 5lbs – 6lbs”. The price is $7.99 per lbs. Your remaining balance will be paid at the time of pick-up. 



Please select your date to pick up your order at Roar. Pick-up is available 5 days after your order. The last pick-up date is December 31st. Your order must be picked up within 7 days of your pick-up date. 


Pick-up location: Roar

633 N Liberty Street, Winston-Salem 27101, NC

Phone: 336-917-3008


Ronnies COuntry Store.jpg

Keeping the tradition

Order your Country Ham Today! 

Place your order now for only a $30 deposit


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Select an item ($)

Please allow 5 days for your order to be processed before requesting pick up

Thank You for your order, See you Soon!

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